The Generous Love of God

IS 55:6-9, PHIL1:20C-24, 27A, ACTS 16:14B, MT 20:1-16A

Could you imagine the political uproar the landowner would face if he had dared use the approach to payment in our times? There would be rioting and burning of the vineyard and no-one would get any money in the end.

Yet, that makes this parable even more applicable to us 2000 odd years after it was told. How so?

It goes to show us that God is creator of our reality, God is not subject to the laws and morality of the times. God, for me, is the only constant and is constant in expansion and love.

We won’t every fully understand what God does, is, wants or how God works. I don’t think we are supposed to. We don’t have the capacity of being fully aware of God. That is something that we grow towards and will hopefully reach when we leave our bodies and return in Spirit to our unity with God.

St. Paul was looking forward to that time of returning to God when he wrote the letter to the Philippians. Yet, he also knew that in order to return, he needed to fulfill his duty and task that God gave him.

How lucky was he, though, to have known what his task was. To have known that he would be uniting with God?

So many of us struggle with finding our purpose in life – not being sure if we are doing what our soul contracts with God states. Many of us wonder if we will be able to gain access to heaven, to that glorious, full unity with God. That unity that we cannot begin to imagine, yet on a soul level year for. We start panicking because time is running out.

I was blessed to be able to perform a baptism yesterday where a small group of people gathered to witness the promise of two parents to raise their child to know God.

A gentlemen came up to me afterwards and started talking about time and people finding God. He reminded me of the man who was crucified next to Jesus and was given access to heaven right before his death.

He wasn’t told that he would get a paupers place, a second rate spot in heaven. No, Jesus tells him he will be there, with God.

Isn’t this exactly what the landowner did when paying his people? This is the generous love of God. We cannot understand it, for our ego places conditions on the everything. Even love that we share.

But God, in a way that surpasses our comprehension, allows for every one of us to enter into full union with him.

So today, relax.

If you feel anxious about earning your way into heaven, take a breath. That anxiety is wasted.

Once you accept fully the Love and life that God has for you, you cannot help but walk in the Light of the Spirit.